Swim at Your Own Risk (5 FAVS: Summer Vids) *NSFW*



In celebration of the end-of-summer and our upcoming pop-up pool parties, we’ve curated some of our favorite summertime vids (aka there’s an obligatory beach or pool situation).

Caution, some of these sun-soaked songs are prettttty scandalous so swim at your own risk! And after your digital dip, apply your hippie sunscreen and join us at the W Hotel Wet Deck (Austin (8/8) / LA (8/20) for more NSFW water activities and pool-side premieres on the big screen!  


Fergie “Love is Blind” 
Director: Chris Ullens     
Animator:  Gary Cureton

Featured on our big screens in 2018, this hilarious and disturbingly delicious claymation is a feast for the eyes and a lesson on how-not-to-date Fergie (and become decor).  

Radiohead “Creep” (Live @MTV Beach House)

Summer emotions are real! Watch your favorite pale-skinned Brits emote your favorite drunk-crying karaoke song for a gaggle of beach-bummed frat kids at a typically-dance-fueled MTV Beach House. #gloriouslyawkward

Luke “It’s Your Birthday”

Because every day of summer should feel like it’s a birthday party surrounded by swimsuit clad friends cruising together in a choreographed jet ski armada. You want the sleazy jetski-set lifestyle? “It’s Your Birthday” from Luke (of the legendary NSFW hip hop crew, 2 Life Crew) may work as the ultimate vision board! Plus, it makes a great share for Facebook birthdays. 

Corduroi “Mermaid Island”
Director: Chris Dock 

Who doesn’t love a good night swim… with mermaids? One of our very first music video premieres from Austin-based Corduroi and art crew Raw Paw, “Mermaid Island” taps into an underwater dream state featuring psychedelic sea creatures and cozy beach town night shots. One can almost smell the sea salt and touch the mermaid fins (consent first!). 

Beyoncé “Drunk in Love” (Explicit) ft. JAY Z

Some of our favorite music videos are simple, especially when they have Beyonce… well, being Beyonce. Relish the new relationship energy and swim night vibes with Bey and her (then) new bey bey, Jay-Z, obviously enjoying breaking the no-glass-by-the-beach rule.  


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