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The 4th annual AMVFest celebrates and awards local, national, and international music videos regardless of language, budget or popularity. Check out the 2017 Award Nominees and Winners!

Directors/Bands: SUBMIT your work for a chance to win awards and get your work on the BIG SCREENS of Austin, Texas! (SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED TILL NEXT SEASON!)


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@Native Hostel (Event Center) // DEC 8

The AMVF Awards Show honors the outstanding videos and their creators showcased at the festival. Think Austin's version of the VMA's, the pinnacle of the festival week will feature pop-up performances, special guest award presenters, and the dignifying of 16 award winners across AMVF’s distinct categories including “Keepin’ It Weird”, “Funny or High”, and the “Alright Alright Alright Award” (aka Best Austin video); among more classic categories such as "Video of the Year" and "Best Animation."

And you know the afterparty will be AMVF AF.

More deet’s soon!

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Video of the Year (2017-2018)
The "Alright, Alright, Alright" Award (Best Austin)
Keepin’ It Weird Award (Best Weird/Eccentric) 
"Your Ad Here" Award (Best Commercial)
Funny or High Award (Funniest Video) 
Best Performance (by Actor(s) or Band) 
Overachiever Award (**Students Only**) 
Instant Classic (Best Throwback/Nostalgiac) 
Best Interactive (e.g. Virtual Reality, Browser-based, etc.) 
Masters of Animation (Best Animation/Mixed Media)
Best Cinematography

Best Horror Award
Best Visual Effects
Best Narrative
Best Director


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from directors...

  • You'd be a fool not to submit...No seriously. Austin, TX is among the "biggies" for the music & film industries. Right? I know I don't pocket much in cash when I do a music video so I (most of us) do it for love of the game. So why not give your little babies a chance to shine in front of hungry and passionate makers like yourself? I've met more collaborators at this fest than all the others I've been to (35 different ones to be exact). It's a small price to pay to support your creative endeavors and network. Do it. Don't be lazy.
    — john valley
  • I've shown my films in the fest for 2 years and also interned with the fest in 2016. First off, the people that run the fest are excellent, not only do they ensure that the whole festival is a blast, (live music, awesome venues, great selections/prizes, after parties) every single submission is watched by very dedicated curators to ensure that every film submitted gets an equal shot! This festival is excellent to expose your projects to the world, share amazing moments with fellow film makers, and see what the world is doing in our beloved music video land. This is the start of something great, be a part!!!
    — Diego Lozano
  • AMVF proved to be a unique and engaging film festival, hosted by passionate creatives fostering both a grassroots and international community of filmmakers. I truly enjoyed the variety of screenings and consistent opportunities to network in a friendly and exciting environment. Here's to next year!
    — Stephen Mlinarcik

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