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Congratulations to our 2017 Award Winning music videos and thanks to our 32 award judges of industry professionals for making the tough calls. Check out the Nominees here and the full festival Program here

Video of the Year

La CHICA "Be Able"
Directed by Ma-Ke


Keepin' It Weird

Whiskey Shivers "Cluck Ol' Hen"
Directed by John Valley


Best Violent Vid 1/2

Ghost King "Melting Sky"
Directed by Zachary Scott


Best Violent Vid 1/2

Pussy Riot "Make America Great Again"
Directed by Jonas Akerlund


"Alright, Alright, Alright" Award (Best Austin)

CAPYAC "Bubblegum"
Directed by HELMUT Studio


Overachiever Award (Best Student)

Directed by Eileen Byrne


Best Narrative

MROZU "Duch"
Directed by Zuzanna Plisz


Best Visual Effects

Hoosky "Rush Hour" Directed by Rémi Boulnois



Best Animation

SIAMES "The Wolf"

Directed by Rudo Company and Fer Suniga


Best Cinematography

Oscar and the Wolf "The Game"

Directed by Marie Wynants


Best Art Direction


Directed by liya Prusikin and Alina Pasok



"Your Ad Here!" (Best Music-Driven Ad)

"The New Kid" Directed by Lauren Hoekstra


Best Interactive

Icky Blossoms "Phantasmagoria"
Directed by 2DArray


Best Director

Chloé Bird "Fade"
Directed by Ainhoa Rodríguez


Funny or High

Gigantic "Skankenstein" 
Directed by Josh Pfaff

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Best Performance

Oren Lavie "Second Hand Lovers"
Directed by Oren Lavie


Instant Classic

Saints of Valory "ESCAPADES"
Directed by Brad Feeser

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